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JNC Invites Comments from the Bench, Bar and Public on Applicants for the Judicial Vacancy Created by the Retirement of Judge Linda Kay Davis

Friday, June 8, 2012
All comments must be received by no later than July 6, 2012.

Members of the bench, bar, and public are hereby notified by the District of Columbia Judicial Nomination Commission (the “Commission”) that there are 17 applicants for the pending vacancy on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. The Commission will submit the names of three applicants to the President of the United States for his consideration to nominate and appoint a judge. The applicants are:

  • Maria-Claudia Theresa Christina Amato
  • Hon. Errol Rajesh Arthur
  • Hon. Claudia Anne Crichlow
  • Hon. Sharon Elaine Goodie
  • Hon. Karen Aileen Howze
  • Hon. Noel Thomas Johnson
  • Hon. Leslie Amenia Meek
  • Hon. Aida Luz Melende
  • Theodore Paul “Jack” Metzler Jr.
  • Michael Kenny O’Keefe
  • Robert Daniel Okun
  • Hon. Lori Ellyn Parker
  • Jonathan Hale Pittman
  • Armando Andres Rodriguez-Feo
  • Blair William Tinkle
  • Hon. Steven Michael Wellner
  • Hon. Elizabeth Carroll Wingo

The Commission invites comments regarding the fitness of the above-listed applicants for a judicial position on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Applicants can be evaluated with respect to eight categories:

  • Judicial Temperament (e.g., ability to treat everyone with respect; willingness to listen with patience and courtesy; collegiality);
  • Professional Skills and Abilities (e.g., experience; intellectual ability; analytical skills; knowledge of the law and its underlying principles; knowledge of the rules of procedure and evidence; ability and willingness to learn and develop professionally);
  • Ethics (e.g., integrity; impartiality; objectivity; sound judgment; restraint);
  • Commitment to Diversity (e.g., treats people equally, fairly and with respect, regardless of gender, race, economic status, sexual orientation or any other factor; promotes inclusiveness of women and minorities);
  • Leadership and Communication Skills (e.g., ability to communicate clearly and succinctly; ability to inspire respect and confidence; decisiveness);
  • Efficiency and Organizational Skills (e.g., ability to work efficiently and under time constraints; ability to work constructively with others; ability to manage time);
  • Writing Skills (e.g., ability to write clearly, concisely and persuasively); and
  • Community Service (e.g., pro bono activities; public service; volunteer activities; civic or charitable activities or memberships).

The Commission has created a web-based Applicant Evaluation Form to facilitate the opportunity to provide comments on the applicants’ qualifications. Comments also can be submitted by visiting the Commission’s website at [email protected] All comments must be received by no later than July 6, 2012.

Comments submitted to the Commission are confidential and will not be released to the public or applicant. Any comments discussed with an applicant will be discussed without revealing the source of such comment, absent written consent by the individual providing the comment.

Due to ongoing technical difficulties within the District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer the evaluation form may take several minutes to load. Also, some users may see a security certificate message when accessing the JNC Applicant Evaluation Form. Accepting the certificate will allow a user to successfully submit the completed form. The evaluation form available in PDF format on the Commission’s website can also be printed, completed and sent to the Commission via mail, email or fax at (202) 879-0755). Any technical problems or questions should be directed to the Commission’s Executive Director at (202) 879-0478 or [email protected].